The ssh-keygen command not making a key on Windows

Abhigyan Jaiswal

I am trying to create a new ssh key but when running ssh-keygen -rsa -b 4096 it does not generate the key. It looks like the following:

> ssh-keygen -rsa -b 4096
no keys found.

My .ssh folder looks like this:

  - known_hosts (File)

And also my computer specifications are:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language
  • System Model: Inspiron 5370
  • System Type: x64-based PC

Does anyone know any fix to this and how I can make a ssh key?


You've made a typing mistake. If you want to create an RSA key, you need to use -t rsa, not -rsa. The -t argument specifies the type. In your case, you've accidentally typed a different command (one equivalent to -r sa).

Just as a note, if you don't absolutely need an RSA key, the best practice for SSH keys these days is Ed25519, according to the Mozilla recommendations. You could create such a key with ssh-keygen -t ed25519 (no -b argument needed).

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