Exception : The length of the parameter exceeds the limit of 128 characters in C#


I m trying to insert the values in SQLServer using WCF Service. there are 5 rows to be inserted.

its giving exception :

The length of the parameter exceeds the limit of 128 characters

yes, its length is more then 128 characters.But i have declare the size NVarChar(4000).

I've searched this site, and other sites to understand and get rid of this exception

MedicineTestName = "1,crocin,2,aspirin,2,naproxen,3,ibuprofen,3,Ketaprofen";


public static string InsertHistory(string PatientId, string MedicineTestName, string CreateBy)
       DataSet objdata;
       object objSubjectReader = new object();
               StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

            string[] wordswithcomma = MedicineTestName.Split(',');

            for (int i = 0; i < wordswithcomma.Length -1 ; i=i+2)

                string MedicineType = wordswithcomma[i];
                string MedicineName = wordswithcomma[i + 1];

                sb.Append("insert into tblMedicineHistory values(" + PatientId + "," + "'" + MedicineName + "'" + "," + MedicineType + ",GETDATE()," + "'" + CreateBy + "'" + ",GETDATE(),0);");

            string sbo = sb.ToString();

            SqlParameter[] param = new SqlParameter[1];
            param[0] = new SqlParameter(sbo, System.Data.SqlDbType.NVarChar, 4000);
            param[0].Value = sbo;

           objdata = SqlHelper.ExecuteDataset(ConString, CommandType.StoredProcedure, "SP_MedicineHistory", param);

           return JsonConvert.SerializeObject(objdata, Newtonsoft.Json.Formatting.Indented);
            //return sbo;
        catch (SqlException ex)

            return objSubjectReader.ToString();


thank you.

Marc Gravell

I think it is complaining about the name of the parameter; you are passing sbo as the parameter name, but sbo is the fully composed TSQL, which will be... long. Note: your SQL is thoroughly unsafe - that is not how one parameterizes SQL!

Correctly parameterized SQL for a single row would be something like:

const string sql = @"
insert into tblMedicineHistory (PatientID, MedicineName, MedicineType, ...)
values(@patientId, @medicineName, @medicineType, ...)";

var args = new[] {
    new SqlParameter("@patientId", PatientId),
    new SqlParameter("@medicineName", MedicineName),
    new SqlParameter("@medicineType", MedicineType),

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